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Work Management ~ Seamless Coordination

For you to succeed in today's demanding and competitive marketplace, seamless coordination between your customer service and workforce organizations is essential

Any breakdown in the customer management process between these organizations can result in lost time, missed opportunities, and dissatisfied customers. This is why your customer management platform must communicate and assign customer orders to your workforce organization in real-time, to enable direct and immediate communication with your technicians, to provide the essential tools for dispatchers to efficiently manage manual work, and to continuously feed order information back to the customer service organization.

Simplify the Process

ICSS simplifies the process of scheduling and managing both your workforce and work orders. Work Management and Customer Care are directly interfaced, receiving and sending real-time updates of work order additions and changes. To manage the workforce, technician profiles allow a user—whether a customer service representative or centralized dispatcher—to dynamically assign work based on availability, skill sets, and dispatch areas, and efficiently manage and change routing assignments. And, by utilizing the order management capability, you can update job status and customer accounts in real time and ensure that tasks are performed based on dependencies and priorities.

Choose a work management option:

  1. Workforce Management
  2. Work Order Management

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Workforce Management

Your ability to provide the best service to your customers depends on having the right tools to effectively manage your resources and their skill sets. Assigning appropriately-skilled technicians to jobs decreases the turnaround time between service request and delivery, increases customer satisfaction, and optimizes the use of your workforce organization.

The Workforce Management component uses your business information to automatically route technicians, which reduces manual routing and scheduling time. This frees your staff to focus on the details of daily workforce activities.

Features include:

  Flexible assignment of multiple dispatch areas in priority order
  Override dispatch areas, allowing technicians to service rural or remote areas for set periods of time
  Ability to manage groups of technicians or contractors
  Schedule templates to assign daily availability to one or many technicians
  Reporting on key technician information, such as schedules and job assignments

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Work Order Management

Your customer response time improves as technicians access real-time data using a variety of methods, allowing them to quickly respond to service calls or “must-do” installations. Each job assignment comes with vital information, such as driving instructions, wiring information, and equipment needs. Jobs can be dynamically assigned and reassigned when adjustments to technicians’ schedules are required.

Features include:

  Extensive search and filter options, enabling targeted views of work orders and jobs
  Graphical and tabular views of work orders, jobs, and tasks
  Reporting on key work order information, such as open orders and unassigned work
  Immediate access to customer and service location information relevant to the work order and job
  Alert mechanism to communicate critical job information to technicians
  Color-coded job statuses for jeopardy management
  Outage detection management
  Real-time updates between field technicians and dispatch via PDA or the Internet
  Automatic tracking of job and task history

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