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Technical Architecture ~ Scalability and Performance

Unlimited scalability, rapid application development, unparalleled performance, and flexibility

The ICSS™ Solution Suite was built with a robust architectural design that enables unlimited scalability, rapid application development, unparalleled performance, and flexibility. It has an open, scalable, and modular architecture that is based on open industry standards. Every component within ICSS™ has been built using the same architectural approach.


Given that integration with other systems is a critical aspect of any enterprise solution, we have created a robust set of "Business Services" that allows you to access the core business logic of ICSS™ through easy-to-use APIs. These services are accessed via industry standard XML, so they can be called using your language of choice, such as Java, C++, .Net, or PERL.


Because no two businesses are exactly alike, we have modularized the ICSS™ Solution Suite. We can either provide the entire ICSS™ suite of components as a comprehensive solution or individual components to fill the gaps in an existing OSS architecture. We accomplish this plug-and-play modularity through our Business Services Layer (APIs), so we can easily integrate with any piece of your OSS architecture.


The ICSS™ Solution Suite was designed and built with subscriber growth in mind. We have implemented a layered, distributed, and open architecture that will scale to meet your growing business needs. Our Distributed Framework meets scalability and performance demands. The Distributed Framework sufficiently distributes the transactions to the processes responsible for them and identifies when more processes are needed to meet the workload. In addition, these processes can be loaded to queues on multiple servers to manage the processing load.

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