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Inventory Management ~ An Essential Component

Uniquely designed for communications providers

Inventory management requirements for communications providers are unique. Managing customer-assigned equipment is an essential component of any communications provider’s customer management system, but adapting conventional inventory management systems to fit the requirements of a communications provider is often cost-prohibitive. Using our knowledge of the unique role that inventory has in communications provider operations, JCS built the Inventory Management component of ICSS to provide the out-of-the box functionality that you need, enabling you to avoid much of the costly customizations and integration efforts normally associated with the use of generic inventory packages.

Preventing Shrinkage and Fraud

ICSS Inventory Management manages the customer-assigned equipment required for all communications services, with specific industry functionality for fixed line, mobile, cable, broadband, satellite, and Internet services. Since all ICSS components are pre-integrated, your workforce and customer service organizations can access and manage inventory status from either the Customer Care or Work Management components. Inventory can be tracked throughout its entire lifecycle as it is assigned to certain locations, to customers and technicians. By tracking the location and status history of each item throughout its lifecycle, your ability to manage asset “shrinkage” and to prevent fraudulent use of service-related inventory is greatly enhanced, positively impacting your bottom line.

Customer-Assigned Equipment

Inventory Management allows users to bulk load inventory items from suppliers (pallet loads and bar coding), view current inventory, assign inventory to technicians, assign inventory to customers’ accounts, troubleshoot inventory with the customer, and assign inventory to repair status. Since inventory items can be linked to workflow, ICSS automatically passes orders to your technicians with detailed equipment information as they prepare to deliver service to customer addresses.

Features include:

  Flexible search criteria to locate and manage inventory
  Automatic tracking of inventory as it moves between inventory locations (e.g., from warehouse to customer premises)
  Management of both physical inventory and logical addresses, including IP addresses and telephone numbers
  Ability to define inventory classes and models and define required and default attributes
  Mass inventory assignment from one location to the next
  Mass load inventory from external applications
  Ability to initialize and troubleshoot customer-assigned equipment directly from ICSS

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