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Customer Care ~ Time To Differentiate

To lead the market in today's highly competitive communications environment, providers must be equipped to offer a distinguishing customer experience

Customers today can often receive pay TV, high speed access to the Internet, and telephony services from the same communications provider that previously offered only one of these services. As a result, customers have become less loyal and easily change providers in search of the best service value. To retain customers and acquire new ones, you must distinguish yourself from the competition by providing customers with a rapid and reliable response to their needs. As a market leader, you must strive to make each subscriber’s experience an exceptional one.

Simplifying the Complex

ICSS Customer Care seamlessly manages the complex processes throughout the customer lifecycle, from initial service order, to service delivery, to account management across all communications offerings. It provides comprehensive access to all customer information—a true 360 degree view of the customer—simplifying the steps required to satisfy your customers at each contact.

"Out of the Box" — The way you want it

By focusing solely on the communications industry, ICSS offers you a broad and effective mixture of flexibility and “out-of-the-box” capabilities. As your customer care operation evolves to meet market demands, ICSS’s open architecture enables you to cost-effectively extend and grow your own functionality, mapping ICSS online transaction processing power to your unique customer-facing business rules.

ICSS Customer Care empowers communications providers to provide a best-in-class customer experience at a lower cost of operation—a compelling differentiation.

Choose a customer care option:

  1. Integrated Order & Account Management
  2. Address Serviceability Tracking
  3. Configurable Workflow Management
  4. Flow-through Network Communication
  5. Seamless Billing Integration

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Integrated Order & Account Management

Customer Care guides the user through the complexity of order processing, from account setup, to service and product selection, to equipment assignment, to scheduling of service delivery. As the ordering process is unique to each service provider and service offered, you can configure your order workflow to reflect your company’s business rules. And, wherever possible, ICSS automates key functions to reduce operational costs and expedite delivery of service.

Intuitive Windows Interfaces

  Single interface to manage all your service offerings
  Centralized view of key customer-related information
  Configurable drop-down lists for standardized customer information

Streamlined Order Processing

  Integration of call center IVR, ACD, or CTI technology with ICSS, enabling efficient responses to standard customer inquiries
  Configurable order template that guides users through account setup, service selection, and product and package selections, ensuring complete and accurate order processing
  Ability to modify or cancel one or more services or products in an order
  Pay-Per-View and Impulse Pay-Per-View ordering and cancellations
  View of the most current product catalog
  Filtered display of products, packages, and promotions available to the customer based on your business rules
  Simple or complex product structures with cross-product bundling and discounting
  Real-time view and assignment of customer inventory
  Ability to track marketing campaigns and reasons for customer buying decisions
  Automatic scheduling of all services resulting from customer contact
  Ability to transfer services, packages, and products from one address to the next

Account Management

A customer’s needs do not end at the completion of an order. Customer Care provides a comprehensive set of tools to enable your users to grow and develop strong customer relationships well past the initial account creation, throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Features include:

  Assignment of customer preferences and demographic information
  Flexible search and query capabilities for quick, real-time access to customer information
  Collection, management, and presentation of complex billing information
  Access to the history of transactions and all actions taken on a customer account
  Ability to attach notes and action items to a customer account
  Establish heirarchical structures for third-party partner management in offering inter-company, multi-service product bundles
  Configurable alert mechanism that communicates such information as open action items, open orders, and outages
  Ability to attach multiple contacts on a customer account and assign different authority levels
  Configurable, online troubleshooting guide based on the problem reported and unique configuration of products and services

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Address Serviceability Tracking

Your customer service organizations need to be armed with the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding your ability to provide products and services. And, for many wireline communication services, having your network extended to or upgraded at the customer’s premises is required to offer certain products and quality service. For address-dependent services, Service Location Management ensures that your users offer customers only the products and services available in their locale.

Features include:

  Assign products and services offered, rate plans, franchise affiliations, and dispatch areas for each address
  Enter leads for locales that have future service rollouts planned
  Integrate the address database to the Web, so customers can easily verify online the services that are available at their addresses

In addition, your technicians can use Service Location Management’s network equipment, plant, and network specification information to minimize truck rolls.

Features include:

  Assign attributes specific to the address that either automatically adjust estimated time frames for jobs and tasks or remove unnecessary jobs and tasks
  Issue outage alerts to a locale based on its network configuration
  Track addresses and setup features within a multiple dwelling unit

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Configurable Workflow Management

To deliver the many types of services in today’s market, communications providers must coordinate a myriad of tasks, processes, and systems. Often, a seemingly simple request for service translates into a series of tasks that can either be manual or automated, and that can be completed concurrently or based on task dependency. Responding efficiently and effectively to these requests creates a loyal customer base and lowers your cost of operation. ICSS provides the highly configurable and flexible Workflow Manager to assure each order completes the proper sequence of tasks accurately and on time.

Features include:

  Configurable workflow based on your business rules and product offerings
  Management of both automated and manual tasks
  Ability to define task dependency and concurrency
  Automatic assignment of tasks to the appropriate resource or internal ICSS component, such as sending a manual installation task to Work Management or external OSS system, sending a provisioning request to a network element, or sending an account creation profile to the billing system
  Graphical view of the workflow for task monitoring and management

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Flow-through Network Communication

Communications providers must have seamless integration between their customer management platforms and service delivery networks to expeditiously initialize or troubleshoot service. Without this flow-through communication, service requests can be delayed or even lost, negatively impacting your customer relationships.

At Jones Cyber Solutions, our goal is to minimize the impact of integration and allow our customers to easily interface ICSS with key components of their existing service delivery and OSS architectures. With this goal as its foundation, the Intelligent Device Interface, (IDI) seamlessly manages communications between ICSS and network equipment such as addressable controllers, cable modem termination systems (CMTS), telephone switches, and mobile provisioning devices. In addition, IDI also manages communications between ICSS and external systems such as credit card authorization systems.

Features include:

  Standardized, configurable interface engine architecture, which enables the quick implementation of new network devices
  Transaction management between ICSS and the appropriate network equipment or external system
  Queuing mechanism to manage transactions when network equipment is not available
  Reporting on failed transactions for troubleshooting
  Automatic updates to job order status

Out of the box, IDI supports most commonly used communication protocols.

The protocols supported are:

  Serial (RS232)
  Shared Memory
  Message Queues (MQSeries / XIPC)
  C/C++ API

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Seamless Billing Integration

Unlike many software integration projects, our customers have deployed ICSS with the billing systems of their choice, on time and within budget. Their success is a direct result of our focus on providing a standard interface architecture for billing systems that requires configuration—not customization. In addition, the Implementation Services Team—part of JCS Professional Services—brings extensive integration expertise to your project, significantly reducing the risk of a failed or delayed integration.

Features include:

  Ability to define customer billing settings such as recurring payment information, billing cycle, bill formats (convergent vs. multiple bills), and bill medium (online vs. paper)
  Real-time access to summary and detailed invoice information and actual invoice statements
  Processing and management of customer payments, including EFT, credit card, and batch payments
  Processing and management of adjustments and refunds
  Integration between ICSS and one or multiple billing systems, enabling a single customer interface
  Assignment of different communication services (e.g., mobile telephony, long distance, Internet service, or pay TV) to one or several billing systems
  Transaction management and interface reporting to ensure data integrity
  “Billing Unavailable” Mode—allowing for processing of customer orders even when the billing system is offline or batch processing

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